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The Iron Cross


The Iron Cross is one of the Hong Kong awards a flair bartending player can receive. It requires an act of work extremely hard in the flair practice, and has passed all specified tests, with recipients often revered as a real flair bartending player. FLAIR IRON holds 3 different levels of Iron Cross, each accompanied by an inspiring tale of diligence story.

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History and Design

The Iron Cross established by Flair Iron on 1 March 2024 to acknowledge the peoples who do past efforts in flair bartending in Hong Kong,the new award was open to all levels and would only be presented for truly capable people of flair bartending.

The Iron Cross was designed by Edmund Yip, who accords to the meaning of the following expression.

  • The cross - shaker tins and jiggler are combined to present the bartending industry, and also show love and peace.

  • IRON - It is our most representative character in Hong Kong flair bartending.

  • Hong Kong Flair - we are base in Hong Kong.

  • Crown - to express the distinguished status of the honoree.

  • 3 bottles - the logo of FLAIR IRON.

  • E&K - Names of the president Mr. Edmund Yip and Mr. Ken Lam.

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How to apply

We offer 3 levels of public application:

  • Standard(Bronze badge, Level 1)

  • Advanced(Silver badge, Level 2)

  • Professional(Golden badge, Level 3)

All applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Passed all specified WFA flair moves and routines in your levels.

  • Passed all specified extra moves in your levels(except Lv.3).

  • Record a video for proving about you can do all WFA moves in a routine(except Lv.3).

  • Record a video for proving about you can do your own 3 minutes routine including 5 WFA(Green to Blue) working flair moves and 5 WFA(Green to Blue) exhibition flair moves(Lv.3 only)

  • All routines must be no mistakes, no spill and smooth.

  • Bottle in test which must be the real glass bottle with water volume 1/4 bottle in working flair and 1oz in exhibition flair.

Application fee:

  • Bronze badge - HKD300

  • Silver badge - HKD400

  • Golden badge - HKD500

After successful application, you will receive:

  • One badge with a storage box or display stand.

  • Your name listed on our official Iron Cross members list .

  • A certificate letter

Members of The Iron Cross


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